Who We Are

Who We Are:

The Researchist is a scientific research community for ambitious youth, which organizes workshops in research methodology and provides research opportunities for students in health sciences, engineering and natural sciences. The community began its journey as an initiative established by medical students in 2019 at An-Najah National University, then it expanded to include students from different universities in Gaza and West Bank. Now, The Researchist contains students from several Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Currently, we are carrying out online and offline workshops and we aspire to enter the research world in fields of humanities and social sciences.

Our Goals:

The Researchist community aims to make scientific research youth language, beside spreading the culture of research and upgrading research skills of university students.

Our vision:

Is to build a whole new generation of young researchers from graduate and post graduate students through providing research opportunities and workshops to improve their skills.

Our achievements:

1 – Ambassadors of the third conference of research for undergraduates at AL QUDS university

2 – Focal points for the Palestinian forum for medical research

3 – Running several workshops related to research methodology in Nablus, Hebron, Gaza and Abu Dis from April to December

4 – Collaborating with engineering communities we carried out a series of research workshops at An- Najah National University.

5 – Collaborating with UNFPA , we participated in promoting health and reproductive awareness.

6 – Working with clinical research unit at NNUH (NAJAH NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL)

7 – Collaborating with Palestinian central bureau of statistics we carried out a 48 hour biostatistics course for a group of medical students at the beginning of 2020.

8 –  Collaborating with Arab Innovation Network (AIN) , a three day research camp was held for engineering students.

9 – Participating in “Hack the crisis Palestine” with Gaza sky geeks and other international partners to find creative solutions to face the pandemic

10 –  Collaborating with the deanship of scientific research of Gaza Islamic university we launched a series of two month workshop for scientific research in the end of 2020

11 – Signing a partnership contract with medical students union in Hebron in 2021

12 – Executing an online training program “ Research Skills As Investment “ between June-July 2021

13 – Running several research courses in Nablus, Hebron and Gaza in 2021.

14 – Signing MoU with Palestine Academy for Science & Technology in January 2022.

15 – Launching the Palestinian Research Hub in February 2022.

16 – Conducting an online course for engineering students in basics of research.